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Insurance - General & Maritime

Insurance - General & Maritime
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Arnould Law of Marine Insurance & Average 18th
Merkin:  Arnould's Law of Marine Insurance and Average offers an authoritative interpretat..
Ex Tax: R11,993.75
Causation in Insurance Contract Law
Song:This unique book will assist practitioners in answering one of the most important questions in ..
Ex Tax: R5,176.25
Colinvaux's Law of Insurance 9th & Supplement
rof. Merkin]-Colinvaux's Law of Insurance presents a thorough but succinctly written analysis of all..
Ex Tax: R14,897.50
Compendium of Insurance Law
Merkin:  The Compendium consolidates diverse insurance law sources, statutes and codes of pract..
Ex Tax: R11,488.75
Construction All Risk Insurance
Reed: Constuction All Risks Insurance is an invaluable reference tool for those interested in this c..
Ex Tax: R7,953.75
Construction Insurance & UK Construction Contracts 2nd
Marshall Levine & Haar: Construction Insurance and UK Construction Contracts,  will be usef..
Ex Tax: R9,468.75
Directors Liability & Indemnification 2nd  Global Guide
Smerdon: The exposures faced by directors and the extent to which indemnification and insurance ..
Ex Tax: R5,050.00
Directors Officers Liability Insurance
Paolini] The directors' and officers' liability insurance policy is extremely complex possessing its..
Ex Tax: R8,963.75
Enforcement of Maritime Claims 4th
ST_SA [Jackson] :  Enforcement of Maritime Claims discusses the factors that affect the enforce..
Ex Tax: R10,226.25
Good Faith  Insurance Contracts 3rd
[Eggers] Good Faith Insurance Contracts is the only text book devoted to a discussion of the duty of..
Ex Tax: R10,605.00
Good Faith Insurance Contracts 2nd
The book is vry closed related to the 3rd edition {ST-SA} Eggers:  Good Faith Insurance  ..
Ex Tax: R9,090.00
Guide To Reinsurance Law
Merkin : This book offers a useful introduction reinsurance, taking you step by step through the ass..
Ex Tax: R4,545.00
Insurance & Re-insurance in MENA Region
Karmali etal: This book aims to provide foreign insurers and intermediaries looking to enter the mar..
Ex Tax: R4,418.75
Insurance and Reinsurance Comparisons
Brook: There has never been a better time for this first edition of Insurance & Reinsurance whic..
Ex Tax: R5,428.75
Insurance Disputes 2nd
Mance & Goldrein: Book covers jurisdiction and choice of law - including replacement of the Brus..
Ex Tax: R9,216.25